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Validation of the extended AI-Planning framework ROSPlan for real HRC-scenarios with Turtlebots

Validation of the extended AI-Planning framework ROSPlan for real HRC-scenarios with Turtlebots


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AI-Planning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that deals with the Automated task planning and scheduling. The enhancement of robots with AI-Planning capabilities enables a long autonomy and a great flexibility for the system, especially in Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) scenarios. In such scenarios the environment is dynamic and uncertain and the robots must be able to autonomously determine which actions to execute in order to reach their goals, also when unexpected situations occur.

In the context of this thesis the AI-planning framework for robotic systems, ROSPlan, which was extended at IGMR for automatic task planning for Human-Robot Collaboration scenarios, must be validated in a simulated and in a real HRC scenario (e.g. coffee and paper delivery in an office building) involving one or more mobile robots, the Turtlebots, and humans.


Type of Thesis:

  • Bachelor or Master Thesis



  • Familiarization with ROS (Robot Operating System) and ROSPlan, the AI-Planning Framework
  • Literature survey on AI Planning for HRC scenarios
  • Development of the simulation, configuration of the real robots and integration of the ROSPlan framework in the system
  • Execution of tests both in the simulation program, Gazebo, as well as with the real Turtlebots



  • CES, Automation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or similar
  • Good Knowledge in in C++ (mandatory)
  • Experience with ROS and Ubuntu (preferable)


We offer:

  • Insight into state-of-the-art robotics research topics 
  • Collaboration in a team of students developing the framework together


Contact Person:

  • Stefan Bezrucav - - Tel.: 0241 80 95555


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